The Great Wind Scam

Friday 19 Sep 2008

New report lambasts wind farms as hopelessly ineffectual

First it was Bio-Fuels. They were going to help save the planet but as we all know now, it turns out they (mostly) accelerate its destruction. Now it’s wind farms. Confirming views on WAN (Comment: Are wind farms just hot air? 20 December 2007) a new study by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) dismisses the hype surrounding wind farms, “The market for renewable energy is an artificial one created and maintained by Government legislation.” Adding, “the UK (Gov) subsidy is encouraging energy firms to build as many farms as possible because it is more profitable.”

The scam, picked up by Christopher Booker writing for the UK’s Sunday Telegraph is centred on the constant misquoting of wind farm output. Most turbines operate at around 25% of capacity due to varying wind strengths but are almost universally quoted as being, “capable of producing ‘X’ megawatts, enough to power ‘Y’ homes with electricity.” X and Y being maximum potential, not deliverable numbers.

It seems almost impossible that this scam is being rolled out on such a vast scale, but Lenin’s old adage, “A lie told often enough becomes truth,” seems to be working.

In his article, Booker goes on to describe the current craze for wind energy as “one the greatest self-deceptions of all time.” Another worrying fact that comes to light in the study is that when it’s really windy, the turbines have to be turned off to avoid overloading. Oh well.

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