Fighting fire

Samy Mansour
Wednesday 17 Sep 2008

Located in Bergen, Norway, SHA’s Fire station is sustainable whilst taking in all the surrounding views

Oslo based Stein Halvorsen Architects have tried to achieve sustainability through innovation and context whilst maintaining atmosphere, through space, light and function in Bergen fire station.

The building is solid and protected towards the motorway and transparent and open towards the lake. The curved shape creates a secluded space facing the lake, forming an environment for activities as well as reflecting the dynamics of the roads.The building consists of four main elements, Base – Shield - Tower-Bridge, as reflected in expression, function, construction and use of materials.

The base: Front quay, outdoor space and lower floors form a dramatic shape facing south, opening towards north and future urban planning. The base is a concrete construction with a robust solid expression. It houses workshops, fire trucks and technical rooms.
The shield:The main feature spans above the solid concrete base as a continuous element – consisting of slab, one wall and a roof. The shield opens towards the lake. Openings in-between the roof ensure mountains views from the interior of the building.
The tower: A landmark to define the Fire station from a distance. It is placed asymmetrically to create an interesting tension and a natural balance between the space and volume of the shield.
The bridge: This marks the main entrance of the building and spans from under the shield to the tower two metres above the ground. It serves as a training area for the firemen.

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