Down under in Costa Rica

Jean Paul Cazedessus at
19 Aug 2008

Eco-friendly forest house brings a piece of Australia to Costa Rica

Boomerang House is 1000 sq ft of art and architecture, integrating the smooth curved lines of an Australian boomerang with a custom “sunrise design” wood post & beam patio structure.

This green home, combining a copper standing seam roof with a living grass roof and walls, is built to a structural resistance of 8.0 on the Richter scale - one of many unique architectural features in the custom designed home. Designer Jean Paul Cazedessus explains that he strives for this in all of his projects: "I believe we can consider homes as needing to be homes in the best of times and the worst of times. If one considers the possibility of sever earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean Rim and is building homes in this area, I feel we should build for survivability, and especially in 1-2 story homes, as that we can do it competitively in price. Note there have been two 8.0 in the world just in the last year with 5,000,000 rendered homeless and 100,000 severely injured."

Cazedessus' design incorporates this durability with a blend of rustic modernism. “Thomas Jefferson” style auto French doors, operable glass block ventilation windows, and a glass block doorway in the shower work seamlessly in this design.

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