Parisian housing plan taking shape

Niki May Young
Monday 28 Jul 2008

Massena neighbourhood regeneration takes shape as Frédéric Borel's exterior completes

The Massena neighbourhood in Paris is undergoing a facelift. The tired housing scheme on the banks of the Seine is being rejuvenated with vibrant and diverse designs by 30 different architect practises.

Headed by Christian de Portzamparc and commencing in 1995, the Massena masterplan is taking shape, transforming the area into a more peaceful and private quarter than the previous housing scheme provided. Each building is detached and individual whilst maintaining a sense of unity with the next as the scheme is divided into “open blocks” in a grid structure.

These designs shown are of the recently completed exterior of Immeuble de Logements by Frédéric Borel. Borel was instructed to create a space for 48 apartments with recreation space, amenities and parking. Situated at the corner of the central green space within the development Borel’s apartments are able to integrate into the centre of the community and use nature as a feature.

No two views of the project are the same with different angles, windows, materials, shapes and ledges creating a diverse and festive vertical architecture.

Borel explained the base of the design: “On the street, ground is pleated and inflated to better accommodate businesses and equipment. These masses are opaque, dynamic and lively on their angles like transparent crystals which feature the social life of their inhabitants.”

Immeuble de Logements is set for completion by the end of the year.

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