Bridging the Tiber

Samy Mansour
Sunday 06 Jul 2008

Ponte della Scienza: a pedestrian bridge on the Tiber.

In the late 90’s, the Rome City Council started toying with the idea ofredeveloping the area surrounding the Italgas gasometer in the neighbourhood of Ostiense and turning it into a science district. The project has since faded and currently lies dormant due to a number of issues amongst which reclaim costs. Nonetheless the “Science Bridge” will soon commence construction.

APsT architettura is the team of young roman architects winners of the competition to design the bridge that will connect two industrial areas of Rome that are currently undergoing visceral development: the bridge will connect the area of the Ostiense Air Terminal Station with viale Marconi, giving the two districts a much needed continuity. This is part of a larger urban development which sees the bridge as the central knot of an extended pedestrian route and a cycling path.

The bridge will be 12m wide and 140m long featuring a light running the length of the structure. Two concrete “crutches” leaning on one side of the river bank will be joint by a central beam.

Key Facts:

Civic Buildings Urban design

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