Piano is music to Rome’s ears

Samy Mansour
Sunday 06 Jul 2008

Renzo Piano’s Music Auditorium for Rome is an instant hit

The Parco della Musica is a state of the art venue penned by Piano for the diverse musical needs of the Italian capital.

The auditorium opened in 2002 in the north part of Rome known as Flaminio, near the Olympic village.

It is composed of three separate halls of 2800, 1200 and 750 in capacity.Positioned around an open-air amphitheatre, the halls look like three enormous “music boxes”, whose colours and materials recall those of the domes dotting the urban landscape of Rome. The interiors are entirely made of cherry wood, most suited to the acoustic challenges.

Renzo Piano stated: "The most beautiful adventure of an architect is to build a concert hall. Perhaps it is even more beautiful for a string instrument maker to build a violin, but all in all it is a very similar activity, dimensions excluded.”

Already affectionately known as “the beetle” amongst locals, the venue played a vital role in shaping the confidence and interest of Romans in contemporary architecture.

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