Two towers for Rome

Samy Mansour
Sunday 06 Jul 2008

Studio Transit and Studio Purini Thermes design two skyscrapers to rise and add new identity to the iconic skyline of EUR

EUR Castellaccio, also known as Europarco, is a newly devised urban centrality at the edge of the EUR, southern Rome. Located in a strategic spot, well served by public transport and major roads, it covers an area of 63 hectares.

The project is a complex joint venture by two roman practices: Studio Transit and Studio Purini Thermes.Studio Transit with its strong track record of residential and commercial buildings developed the land which includes the newly completed headquarters of the Ministry of Health, a shopping mall due to open soon and a 29 storey office tower block in planning.

Franco Purini and Laura Thermes known for their formal and classical approach are responsible for the other tower called “Eurosky”, a structure offering 30 residential floors and 5 floors of technical facilities. Described by the architects as “a simple and yet enigmatic building, with a clear and authoritative image”, the Eurosky will articulate in 2 independent vertical prisms covered in granite and linked by bridges.

The top of the building will host a helicopter landing pad and a system of solar and photovoltaic panels organized in a characteristic fold structure visible form a far.

The 2 towers were thought as a simple symmetrical scheme, separated by a square, larger than Piazza Navona in the centre of Rome.

The vast communal space of 400m by 80m will be furnished with sculptures and large scale art works.The towers measuring a maximum of 120m in height propose to change the vertical landscape of the area with their solid look and significant visibility.

During the initial excavations of the area the base of an ancient roman road and remains of a bridge were unveiled, offering an unexpected and positive sign of a living continuity of the area, a good omen for the growing future of EUR.

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