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Samy Mansour
Monday 09 Jun 2008

Classroom of the Future, a container of ideas by Gollifer Langston Architects wins a RIBA London Award

Gollifer Langston Architects, winner of the RIBA Awards 2007, is an architectural studio for commercial, education, arts, media, residential and public design. The proposal for the Classroom of the Future was to create a prototype highly ICT resourced demountable "clip-on" classroom for use throughout Camden to optimise investment and availability to a wide group of school children. It is now a fully transportable space that provides music and film making facilities to secondary children in Camden. The classroom arrives onsite as an enclosed box. Computer control systems activate hydraulic legs that position the container onto the ground, and allow sections of the wall and roof to expand and open. The side wall of the container also opens out to enable an external audience to view films on a (small cinema sized) monitor from within the shell. Therefore the classroom is not only a learning environment; it is also a presentational facility. It will be able to adapt and change to suit future scenarios and robust in technology and form. An opportunity exists to facilitate the use of advanced and developing ICT in an innovative school based environment, different and complimentary to current provision and representing a window on the future..

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