Evolution of a new habitat

m.arch. irem catay
Wednesday 07 May 2008

Bankia region sees a new way of living

The Pond Residences, located in the Bankia region 16 km away from the Sofia city center, consists of 46 luxury villas, 39 condominium units and a social center of 3100 sq m containing a spa, pool and restaurant.

The Residence's tagline “evolution of a new habitat” derived from the aim of the project which is to evolve a lifestyle of its own. To create a settlement of highly improved external spaces of low density while taking in to account the environment and context and to explore how far the idea of integrating geometries whilst retaining functions and feelings may be applied.

The site features a small stream of natural water in the central area which evolved into a pond during the design period and the natural valley-like terrain lead the idea of creating “green stripes” of smaller valleys between housing units giving them private landscaped areas. These areas are located in inverse directions to preserve intimacy and the beautiful views.

The units present themselves with the main boxes of “red the sleeping”, “concrete the living” enriched with a surprising indoor garden and “wooden the guest-room” which are connected in between two stone walls.

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