Denmark dares to be different

Niki Young
Thursday 17 Apr 2008

Leading Danish architects join forces to create radically different retail centre

Two of Denmark’s biggest architects, 3XN and Schmidt Hammer Lassen have colluded on a radical retail project in Vejle, Denmark. Bryggen (“The Wharf”) is a 33,000 square metre building which opened this week following three years of construction.

Kim Holst Jensen, partner in Schmidt Hammer Lassen explains why the building is departed from the ordinary: "With its futuristic lines, Bryggen forms a striking conclusion to the southern end of the street, and makes a strong visual impact as the town's new retail centre.”

Perforations in the outer walls of the building allow light to filter in during the day and out during the night. 80 cafe’s, shops and restaurants are held in the premises with space being made available in better weathers for better ‘interaction with the river and the pedestrian street beyond’.

Niki Young

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