China displays Eco-conscience in lead up to Olympics

Niki Young
Wednesday 16 Apr 2008

China to focus on Ecological benefits at third Annual Architectural Biennial

The theme of the third Architectural Biennial Beijing (ABB) is to be “Ecological City/Building” in the wake of international pressure in the lead up to the ‘Green Olympics’ in Beijing this summer.

The event which will be held in Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre between 24th and 30th July will include a forum where architects will study the policies and methods of “resource reservation and ecological harmony in the construction of Chinese cities and towns”.

The Olympic Stadium will be the focus of the event where both the art of the architecture and its’ ecological considerations will be discussed. The ‘Bird’s Nest’, as it is known because of its latticed ring design, will join a long line of cultural Chinese offerings facing the scrutiny of a world audience during this year’s Beijing Olympics. The stadium takes up over 250,000 sq metres of land space and will seat over 90,000 sports fans during the games.

China have been keen to promote the concept of the ‘Green Olympics’ planting carbon-neutral woodland in a special garden in the Shijingshan District of Beijing and holding lectures on the subject. Waste water and solar energy power are also being harnessed to save energy in the Olympic Village.

Niki Young

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