City-Scape Masterpiece

Niki Young
Tuesday 15 Apr 2008

Architectural artist Ben Johnson’s latest city-scape shows Liverpool in a new light

A detailed painting of Liverpool’s vast modern expanse by artist Ben Johnson is being shown at the Museum of Liverpool. This is the latest in a series of architecturally considerate paintings by the artist who has also painted Hong Kong, Paris, Zurich and Chicago.

The image shows a very still city with a markable void of people, dirt or traffic allowing the viewer to experience the architecture of Liverpool in its purest form. The Museum of Liverpool, who commissioned the work, is shown in the foreground and the Metropolitan Cathedral’s disctinctive ‘funnel’ shows in the distance.

Liverpool is currently the UK’s Capital of Culture gaining investment as reward for its progression in instilling culture into the city and Johnson’s painting marks the importance of architecture in achieving this.

Johnson first exhibited in New York in 1969 and since then regularly shows in exhibitions throughout the USA and Europe. He is also regularly commissioned by architects and was honoured as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1990 for his contribution to the public understanding of contemporary architecture.

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United Kingdom

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