Another asset for downtown LA revitalization

Samy Mansour
Friday 28 Mar 2008

DeStefano & Partners design mixed use development to suite surroundings

The mixed-use development will consist of two high-rise residential buildings and one mid-rise residential building located over street level retail space. The parking structure will exist four levels below grade and will also extend three levels above grade between the three residential buildings. The roof of the parking structure will serve as an amenity level to the residential uses. The site will include 27,000 square feet of retail space.
The scale, massing and location of the buildings on the site respond to the unique shape of the site, the site zoning and the urban context. The two towers are placed on the higher density zoning within the block that is bordered by 9th Street and Figueroa Street. The low-rise loft building is located on Flower Street and responds in scale to the developing residential community of Flower Street.
While the towers will have a façade constructed of modern materials affording the residences large windows to take advantage of the local and long distant views, the ground level spaces will be built of traditional materials, which will have the texture and color of the existing historical buildings in the neighborhood.
An open-air terrace three levels above the street accommodates the swimming pool and the fitness center. The perimeter of this terrace consists of open lawn and garden, which will accommodate multiple tenant activities. Trees, shrubs and other plants native to the region will be chosen to establish scale, provide sheltered spaces and privacy screening.
The parking structure, which is accessible from both Figueroa Street and from Flower Street, is marked by overhead entry canopies. Parking is located at the ground level, four levels below grade and two levels above grade. Public parking is provided for the retail spaces and guests at the ground level.

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