Facelift for Auckland's main street

05 Mar 2008

Architectus give Queen Street an upgrade

The CBD Into the Future Queen St Project aims to upgrade Auckland’s main street to be a high quality and world class environment with a look and feel that is distinctively ‘Auckland’.

The Queen St Project seeks to improve the functionality and appearance of Auckland’s main street. Key principles include creating a high quality streetscape that is safe, robust and sustainable; expressing Auckland sense of place and unique identity; and creating a benchmark and catalyst for future urban projects.

The design seeks to express the different activity zones and uses of Queen St while unifying and strengthening the street as a whole.‘Continuous’ elements such as bluestone paving, specially designed furniture, canopies and structured planting will unify the street while key nodal areas are celebrated with intermittent elements such as distinctive detailing, iconic Nikau Palms and sculptural seating elements.

Key nodal areas defined by historical and typographical significance are the Karangahape Road and Quay St Intersections, Myers Park, the Civic Precinct and the original foreshore line. These areas will be marked by specially commissioned artworks and collaborative project work.

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