Megawave is designed by James Law Cybertecture International with the intention of bringing the rhythm ofa wave onto land.

The 9-storey residential building is situated next to the beach of Dubai Waterfront in a combined site consisting of six connected plots. Within the podium, it weaves through a parking level, low-rise retail and dining spaces on large floor plates defined by street frontages and punctuated by courtyards.

Regarded as a mega scale building, 80% of Megawave units provide inhabitants with sea view by adopting the special form of building design. More than that, the wavy balconies bring residents maximum lighting andmagnificent views to enjoy.

Technologies include web-based image enhancing cameras are integrated onto the fa├žade to allow the building to view panoramically along the beach, affording a broader view from balconies than conventional buildings.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2010.

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