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Thursday 28 Feb 2008

MulvannyG2 Architecture completes the Ashikaga Harvest Place shopping centre in Japan

Today’s customers are becoming more sophisticated. They are looking for something unpredictable in their shopping centers. The trick is to create a space that’s akin to exploring a space you’ve never been to before – something that feels like it’s off the beaten path. Every visit to the shopping center should have a slightly different feel - create opportunities for the customer to experience new things with each visit.
Designed to give the Tochigi community a “people-friendly, street-friendly” shopping center, Ashikaga Harvest Place has found instant success with young and old alike. The center, opened in November 2007, was designed to give a current strip center and former factory site a more affluent lifestyle feel.Harvest Place features a cineplex / entertainment facility, several large specialty stores, restaurants and a food court, as well as community gathering rooms.
To enhance the “harvest” theme, trees and planters were added to give the customer a sense of the seasons. Incorporating leaves and other harvest items into the signage further the seasonal feel.

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