World's largest and tallest spanning arch bridge

Wednesday 06 Feb 2008

FXFOWLE INTERNATIONAL wins major architectural design competition

FXFOWLE INTERNATIONAL’s proposal for the architectural design of a 1.7km and 205m bridge in Dubai was selected by the country’s Roads & Transport Authority in a major international design competition. The firm’s winning bridge design further advances the infrastructure and transportation initiatives in Dubai. FXFOWLE’s design makes the 6th Crossing the largest and tallest spanning arch bridge in the world.Sudhir Jambhekar, Senior Partner, FXFOWLE INTERNATIONAL stated, “The bridge’s design was inspired by multiple sources, each evoking similar imagery – the rhythmic grace of Dubai Creek’s current, the elegant splendor of the sand dunes adjacent to the City, the lighting patterns of the lunar cycle and the design of the future Opera House. We believe that our bridge design is not merely to link the City’s cultural and commercial developments or ease congestion, but an opportunity to connect people both physically and emotionally by creating an iconic landmark, destination, and gateway between the old, the new and the future Dubai.”

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