Closely connected with its surroundings

Monday 21 Jan 2008

Winner of MIPIM AR future project award, Residential

The ‘Skyttehusbugten’ building takes its cue from the local topography, which features two wooded slopes converging on a plain on which the town of Vejle stands. Accordingly, Skyttehusbugten Vejle has a distinctive dish-shaped design. Cut into the entire length of the curve from north to south, the multiple green-gardened terraces and courtyards conjure up an architectural image of Vejle’s encircling beechwoods. In the long facades – facing the water and looking inwards towards the town – the alternation between vertical and angled glazed panels evokes a further association with the beechwoods and its many trees. At the point where its two ‘hillsides’ meet, Skyttehusbugten Vejle is formed as a raised public plateau which serves as a pedestrian conduit between waterside and town. The building may be read as a typological hybrid of a terraced block and a tower block. The qualities of the former find expression in the green terraced gardens, while those of the latter consist in the majority of the apartments having natural light and aspects on 2-3 sides. The distinct dish-shaped curve and the textured relief provided by the terraces and courtyards provide Skyttehusbugten Vejle with clear sculptural qualities.

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