Park Street House

Robert Simeoni Pty Ltd Architects' Park Street House in Australia

13 December 2007
The Park Street House is an attempt to achieve a home for a young family on the 80 square metre site of an existing factory car park of two spaces. Due to the site’s small footprint the house was conceptualised as a three level tower type building. The small size of the interior spaces lead to an exploration of inventive storage solutions and careful manipulation of enclosure in contrast with outlook, spatial compression in contrast with visual expansion in order to create spatial richness. Creepers have been grown to cover the North facade window so as to allow dappled light in winter and modulate hot summer sun.In an urban sense, due to its scale this project questions the very quantity of resources required to build the average Australian home, the very question of domestic expectations and needs. It makes a home from an otherwise residual inner-city site. Thus efficiency is used as a tool to achieve excellent living conditions within an exceptionally small building footprint.

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