Silver LEED certified digital library

Tuesday 11 Dec 2007

Solomon Cordwell Buenz's digital library at Loyola University

Nestled in the historic heart of Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus, the new Richard J. Klarchek Information Commons (IC) is an architectural bridge that links the university’s traditional past to a visionary future. The building will not only conserve significant amounts of energy, but it will also create a highly conducive environment for study and research while ushering in a new era of campus architecture focused on resource conservation. The Silver LEED certified Information Commons is part of a national trend that focuses on the needs of undergraduates, providing a one-stop experience for all types of information requirements: library research, computer support and access to electronic resources. With the increased use of technology in higher education and the digitalization and globalization of information, universities around the country are beginning to incorporate technology equipped libraries into their campuses. Loyola’s IC will be leading the way as one of the most technologically advanced.

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