The town within a town

Thursday 06 Dec 2007

Group GSA, Rice Daubney and Allen Jack + Cottier have joined forces for the design of the Rouse Hill Regional Town Centre in Sydney's North West

Identified as a major corridor for Sydney's expansion, Rouse Hill will become a major town centre incorporating retail, commercial, community and housing facilities.

The New Rouse Hill is set to be one of Sydney’s most vibrant and liveable communities. The community will include a cosmopolitan town centre, up to 1,800 modern homes, over 34 hectares of parks and open space and extensive community facilities. Regeneration of the banks of tranquil Caddies Creek have inspired the landscaping of The New Rouse Hill with species native to the local Cumberland Plain landscape.

The Rouse Hill Town Centre brings together the best of both worlds, incorporating the functionality of mall shopping with convenient underground parking, protection from the elements and the delights of traditional town experiences with public spaces, open streets, restaurants and coffee shops.

Residential apartments will ensure that the town centre is a vibrant community, day and night. There will be a range of shops, commercial spaces, community facilities and a wide variety of home designs and sizes. Over 25 percent of the development site has been dedicated to recreational open space, activity areas, public squares and parkland. The buzz that comes from active community use of all the places will make The New Rouse Hill unique in the region.

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