The red brick cube in Aarhus

Thursday 06 Dec 2007

schmidt hammer lassen design of the art museum in Aarhus

ARoS – the art museum in Aarhus – presents the image of a sharply defined red brick cube, solidly ensconced and semi-submerged in the green, sloping site. The totality of the museum’s functions is contained in this ten-storey high volume. The cube is bisected by a 35 metre deep, curving crevasse, which divides the museum into a museum street and two wings: the exhibition wing, home to a host of galleries, and the service wing, which incorporates a restaurant, administrative offices, the conservation centre, workshops, the archive and a library. In conjunction with the gallery walkways that line the curving crevasse, an extended circular staircase leads up from the interior street into the exhibition spaces, the restaurant and the roof terrace, while the two sides of the building are connected by transverse walkways. The red cube with the white interior set on a green sward is one of the largest art museums in Europe.
Aarhus Municipality’s Architecture Prize 2004
FX Awards: Best Museum 2004, InSitu Prize 2004

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