Sustainable Black Stone at Mexico City

Input color correction into the landscape

30 November 2007
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    ReCURSO studio (Adriana Monroy and Paul Cremoux) were recently invited to show their humanistic and environmental architectural design at MAM, (Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City). ReCURSO has been commissioned to design a sustainable private residence on one of the remaining untouched last areas of Mexico City.Situated on a very dense tree hollow, where light and temperature is poor. The main volume is strategically located by a series of guiding lines: The house has the minimum programmatic terrain contact area to minimize interaction with the ground. Located on an open tree spot; the house is surrounded by the forest with an only way in, thru a slight wood/metal bridge. Composed as two dark plates that have a variety of perforations and volume terraces the project integration to the environment is achieved by color correction as camouflage.

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