A sturdy house for a windy day

Friday 23 Nov 2007

WOHA Design complete the Wind House in Singapore

This private family residence is a machine that captures the monsoon breezes in Singapore’s tropical climate. The design sought to develop a formal language from environmental strategies to create a poetic expression of technology.The house is a composition of wind harvesting devices arranged throughout the site. Using geometry patterns and contrasting colours, the architectural elements are expressed as weightless planes suspended in space.Walls guide the breezes through façade openings, deflectors direct them across the internal volumes and wind towers facilitate air circulation across the house. The classic device of “enfilade” – a series of aligned openings – creates air path through fully operable door panels.Other environmental measures includes the siting of the house along the path of the prevailing winds, directing winds over water for evaporative cooling, using large overhangs and expansive roof gardens for shade.

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