Green tapestry at Changi Airport

Friday 16 Nov 2007

Singapore will soon open its newest gateway to the City in a Garden

The British legacy gave the city-state, country buildings that were part of an English garden; then recently in this land-scarce city, valuable gardens began to be placed within buildings themselves, on its roofs and facades and sky-gardens as community spaces. Singapore Landscape Architect Tierra’s Green Tapestry at Terminal 3 at Changi Airport brings this idea forward. Spanning 300 meters across the middle of the voluminous interior, the suspended I-beams and stainless steel cable structure is covered with vines, creepers and epiphytes in a scale that have never been seen before in this city-state! Passengers traveling through the new “atmospheric” environment of the new terminal can now enjoy the City’s Garden not only immediately upon arrival but also during their departure as the suspended Green Tapestry can be seen from departure and arrival areas.

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