Sinuous pavilion design wins at AA

15 Nov 2007

Alan Dempsey + Alvin Huang to design the AADRL 'TenPointZero' Pavilion project in Bedford Square, London

[C]SPACE is the winning competition entry in the ‘AADRLTenPointZero’ Pavilion project, an advanced technology concrete structure that will beerected in Bedford Square (London) in February, 2008 as part of the ‘AATen’ Exhibition, publication and other events. It is being designed and developed by Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang. The winning design was chosen anonymously from 28 entries by invited jurors and was selected based on the following points: constructability within a tight schedule and budget, simplicity and elegant form, effective use of material, and a pavilion as a continuous extension of furniture to roof structure.The striking presence of the pavilion invites inspection from a distance and upon closer interaction reveals its ambiguity through the merging ofsinuous curves, structural performance, and programmatic functions into a single continuous form. Fibre-C elements perform as structure andskin, floor, walls and furniture.As you move around, the surface varies from opaque to transparent, producing a stunning three-dimensional moiré. The surface encloses whilealso providing a route through for passing pedestrians. It has neither inside nor outside.The jointing system in the pavilion exploits the high tensile strength of Fibre-C using a simple interlocking cross joint which is tightened by slightlybending each element as it is locked into consecutive cross elements.Consultation with the Fibre-C technical department in Austria has suggested that a flex of 15-20mm per metre can be applied without affecting the structural performance of the material. The appearance of small micro cracks on the surface is mitigated by using lighter material colours and a Ferro finish.The pavilion is fabricated from curved profiles that are nested on standard 13mm flat sheets and water cut. Once delivered to site the entire pavilioncan be constructed by hand.

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