The compact cube

stoosarchitekten design and completes House Kern in Switzerland

02 November 2007
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    The house Kern can be seen from a very long distance away. This factinitiated the idea of making a building that gives a sequence of differentdesign-looks depending on from how far away one looks at it.Seen at long distance a house is merely a precise volume, a cube;approaching nearer, the dark-bright openings show; they get recognizableas windows and as loggias; coming closer slight-yellow concreteframings of the windows and green glass balustrades appear; the fairfaced concrete walls show their casting structure.A central generous open stair case room connects the 3 storeys; andyet each of the 3 storeys has an own room concept : the entrance hallleads immediately to the first floor, offering a long distance view out towhere one comes from. This floor has 4 cabinet sleeping rooms. Thehighest floor has an open plan and views in three directions. Livingroom, loggia, dining area, kitchen and housekeeping room flow intoeach other.

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