Monolithic design

Tuesday 09 Oct 2007

Morphogenesis designs the IT building in Gurgaon

The building is a commercial office located in Gurgaon - a satellite city of Delhi. Gurgaon has seen rampant growth in the last ten years which has made it home to some of the contemporary office typologies of the day. The entire project was perceived as a monolithic gonad like wrap around a program. The gist behind the project was to blur the distances between the private and the public realms. A delicate balance between the sustainable approach and demands of a highly commercial setup were the Challenge of the project.The skin attains a significant importance in this prototype as it became an entity that would converse with the environment thereby becoming an interface to the external atmosphere. Spatially the building is attired with 3 courtyards which helps blur the distance between the private and the public realm. These courtyards are further articulated by ramps which act as an inclined spine thereby enabling movement and further lending a dynamic vocabulary to the whole space. A certain sense of vibrancy is lent to the entire space by the reflective pool. The ‘under belly’ of the project is seen as an urban public space given back to the users of the office space.The twin-face facade is comprised of a conventional curtain or massive wall system with an outer skin of single glazing. The single-glazed outer skin is used primarily for protection of the air cavity contents (shading devices) from weather. With this system, the internal skin offers the insulating properties to minimize heat gain/ cooling loss. This skin system permits openings in the skin, allowing for natural ventilation. Windows on the interior façade can be opened, while ventilation openings in the outer skin moderate temperature extremes within the façade. The use of windows can allow for night time cooling of the interior thereby lessening cooling loads of the building’s HVAC system. For sound control, the openings in the outer skin can be staggered or placed remotely from the windows on the interior façade.

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