A spiritual re-birth...

Tuesday 02 Oct 2007

The Renewal of St Martin-in-the-Fields is not just another building project but rather an inspiring endeavour that celebrates people

It is racing towards completion in early 2008, when it will enable a wide range of services to be provided for all who visit St Martin's, including some of the most vulnerable people, of all ages, who find themselves in distressed circumstances. It will help St Martin's enhance people's lives by giving them a welcome in the centre of London, wether they seek a place to worship, a refuge for personal support and guidance, the enrichment of top-class music, an award-winning meal or simply to visit one of London's world-famous historic landmarks.

Eric Parry Architects' (EPA) response to the brief centres around a robust solution masterplan that connects each of the different elements of the site, creating and framing a space to nurture and sustain the community.
Their plan addressesthe lack of clarity that was the result of nearlythree centuries of organic development. EPA’sclean and classic design for the new publicspaces and entrance foyer includes a strikingglass pavilion set into Church Path. It willhouse a winding staircase and lift to takevisitors to a public reception area, whichincludes the box office, gift shop, Brass-Rubbing Centre and an exhibition of thehistory and social involvement of the church.The pavilion itself is likely to become a wellknownlandmark on the edge of TrafalgarSquare, and the installation of a lift willcontribute towards making St Martin’s fullyaccessible for the first time. The widenedChurch Path will be shaped by moving theJohn Nash railings closer to the church henceoffering a better route for pedestrians inthis busy area.

Demolition of burial vaults complete, and construction of new basement around the church progressing with main contractor Costain.

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