Studio 804 Mod3

Sunday 30 Sep 2007

University of Kansas's Studio 804 Designs and Builds Mod3

Modular 3 was designed and constructed over a five month period by Studio 804, a student run program at the University of Kansas. Challenges of the project included a strict budget, working in a marginal neighborhood, and the limitations of prefabrication; transportation restrictions and warehouse dimensions. Modular 3 continues our emphasis of creating sustainable architecture. Features include: a raised pier foundation, which allows for minimal site impact and natural site drainage, recycled cellulose insulation, renewable bamboo flooring, high recycled content steel as well as high fly ash content concrete, among many others. It takes full advantage of the 1,200 square feet of living space with a flexible design offering two bedrooms and one bath in an underserved neighborhood in Kansas City, KS.

Key Facts:

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