Residential Architecture Re-Interpreted

Saturday 29 Sep 2007

A multi layered residence cum studio for architects

This house is located in New Delhi, India, in a typical plotted semidetached development. Its uniqueness lies in its response to the huge paradigm shift that is happening in India and represents its socio-cultural implications in a lasting format.The house deals with the Asian Socio-Cultural and traditional situation of extended family co-habitation while responding to the current modernity of the urban Indian. It embodies a customized specificity for a residence for three generations of a family, a design studio for 80 designers and a contemporary working couple’s needs to bring up their children in an interactive Indian manner. Most spaces in the house are designed to format and re-format instantly to house varied programs and uses.The planning, orientation, structure and materiality of the house respond to the essential passive energy efficient techniques suitable to the harsh Delhi climate. It incorporates high thermal mass in the west, earth damping for the basement studios, landscape buffers on the south, high performance surfaces on the east and a large cavity on the barrel roof along with a water body on the top terraces. The courtyard concept has been radically re-interpreted and along with Landscape, earth, Daylight simulators and CO2 sensors, there is an entire eco-system living and growing in the heart of the house.

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