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Thursday 20 Sep 2007

Hezbollah seizes rebuilding initiative in Beirut

Hezbollah, the radical group supported by Iran and Syria and labeled a terrorist organization by the US Government has grabbed the moment and is driving forward redevelopment plans for southern Beirut.

Waad, roughly translated as promise, is the all encompassing commitment made by Hezbollah, an Islamic Shiite group to restore the broken community of Dahiya, an enclave of southern Beirut which took the brunt of the Israeli bombing in last summer’s war with Israel.

Soon after the ceasefire, the Lebanese government started to make preparations for rebuilding but Hezbollah, led by the charismatic Seyed Hassan Nasrallah had other plans. He quickly rallied the community, and more here

Main image: Image from the Waad website -
Thumbnails from left to right: Image 1 - Beirut as it stands today before the rebuild, image 2 - Bechara El Bacha Architects, images 3 & 4 - Sani Jamal Architect and images 5 & 6 - United Architectural Agency/Samir Ghaoui Architect.

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