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Wednesday 12 Sep 2007

Zaha Hadid's competition winning Riverside Museum for Glasgow City Council

The competition-winning project design of the Riverside Museum for Glasgow City Council will be a a tunnel-like shed, which is open at opposite ends to the city and the Clyde. The connection from one to the other is where the building diverts to create a journey away from the external context into the world of the exhibits. Here the interior path becomes a mediator between the city and the river which can either be hermetic or porous depending on the exhibition layout. The cross-sec-tional outline is a responsive gesture to encapsulating a wave or a ‘pleated’ movement. The outer pleats are enclosed to accom-modate the support services and black box exhibits. This leaves the main central space to be column-free and open. Circulation is through the main exhibition space. Openings are envisaged in the roof and walls as appropriate. It is perceived that there should be views out of the exhibition space. These would allow the visitors to build up a gradual sense of the external context, moving from exhibit to exhibit. All openings would be solar controlled so that total black out could be achieved when required. At the end, with a view of the Clyde and the Kelvin, is the café and corporate entertainment space. These also allow access and overflow into the open courtyard. The end elevation is like the front elevation with an expansive clear glass façade. It has a large overhang to reduce solar exposure to the building interior.

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