Where the wind blows

Monday 13 Aug 2007

Wind Turbine inspired landscape artwork in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Public Art (CPA) in partnership with the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) is pleased to announce the completion of WindWorks, a new permanent educational public art installation surrounding the GLSC’s full scale wind turbine. Created by the collaborative artist team of Allan Wexler and Ellen Wexler (New York, NY) the project blends landscape and sculpture to create a new public space where art, science, and the environment converge. Together, the turbine and its surrounding artwork make a powerful visual statement about Northeast Ohio’s growing commitment to environmental sustainability. WindWorks is the first project of its kind in the United States. Approaching the new plaza at the turbine’s base, one encounters a sculptural massing of 4,440 100-watt light bulbs cast in concrete. Based on United States Department of Energy calculations, illuminating the massing of bulbs for a 24 hour period is equivalent to the average American household’s annual electrical consumption. The plaza at the turbine’s base functions as a compass with North – South – East – West indicators inset in the concrete that can be used to determine wind direction by referring to the direction of the head the turbine rising above the plaza.

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