Digital water pavilion

Tuesday 07 Aug 2007

Building made of water to be unveiled in Spain at Expo Zaragoza 2008

A pavilion with water walls and roof will make its debut in Spain at the international exhibition Expo Zaragoza. The structure, conceived by architects and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will contain an exhibition area, a café and various public spaces. It will be located at the entrance to the Expo next to a new bridge designed by Zaha Hadid. The pavilion is the latest creation of the digital age. All of the walls will be made of “digital water” as well as vertical partitions both on the edge of the roof and inside it. The pavilion roof, which will be covered by a think layer of water, will lower when there is too much wind and collapse to the ground, making the entire structure disappear, when the pavilion is closed. The façade will feature digitally created text and letters and interactive patterns. The digital water pavilion was developed in the Zaragoza Digital Mile class at MIT led by William Mitchell and Dennis Frenchman with Michael Joroff and Carlo Ratti. The design was carried out by the office of carlorattiassociati in Turin Italy in collaboration with the London and Madrid offices of Arup and landscape Architects Agence Ter in Paris, France.

Sharon McHugh
WAN US Correspondent

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