Contemporary loft apartment

Thursday 19 Jul 2007

Stephen Fletcher Architects have created a stylish loft apartment in this former South London warehouse

Alaska Buildings, originally built as the London warehouse of Alaska Furs, was one of the first such buildings converted into loft apartments in 1980s London.We inherited a space that had been crudely subdivided with claustrophobic bathroom and kitchen 'pods' and a great deal of wasted space. However, enough of the original bare-brick walls, iron windows, and steel beams remained for us to work-with.The bathroom, bedroom and dressing area have been moved to the rear of the space thereby making room for a dramatic Living/Dining/Kitchen space.Clever use of sliding and folding doors enables the flat to be fully opened-up, or closed-off for privacy when required. Vistas have been opened-up to maximise the illusion of space and make the most of the available daylight.The oak flooring and architraves provide a balance to the brick walls. Careful lighting creates a very dramatic and glamorous space, especially at night.

Key Facts:

Interior Residential
United Kingdom

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