Haute horticulture is the new urban trend

Wednesday 04 Jul 2007

Arabella Lennox-Boyd unveils a new rooftop garden in Hong Kong

With a Roof Garden Category being introduced at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, the trend for haute horticulture grows apace as celebrated designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd unveils a new rooftop garden in Hong Kong.Arabella Lennox-Boyd makes the most of a small urban space in the heart of the city, introducing innovative and intricate landscape design elements. With green space at a premium within cities, roof gardens have grown in popularity in Hong Kong, and, with the focus on gardens on high at Chelsea, are set to be the next big thing in London, allowing urbanites to enjoy an outside space, and also encouraging London’s environmental agenda. Ken Livingstone’s Chief Advisor on Architecture and Urbanism, Richard Rogers, is already promoting green spaces on rooftops as part of London’s urban renaissance.Through the Hong Kong Landmark project, Arabella demonstrates that a lack of space does not have to mean sacrificing style. In her garden, she skilfully combines modern and traditional aspects of Chinese culture, creating a visual feast. It features a stylised velvety turf dragon, the Chinese symbol of good fortune, which stretches across the garden around three living spheres of deep pink bougainvillea, the vibrant colour reflecting the exciting urban setting. Two shimmering stainless steel water features provide a modern element, but also reflect the sky above.Arabella has used grey slate paving, specially sourced in the Lake District in the UK, to anchor the design to the building, with contrasting textures of slate forming a grid pattern. This is juxtaposed with six slate planters filled with bamboo along the western boundary, suggestive of the landscape outside the city.Traditional Chinese screens inspired Arabella to create the black lacquer screen enfolding the south end of the garden, creating an intimate space around one of the soothing water features. The screen, along with the bamboo planters, is designed to create an area for people to enjoy some tranquillity within the busy complex.The rooftop garden is part of The Landmark complex, which features exclusive stores, such as Asia’s first Harvey Nichols, and gourmet cuisine in the form of Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier restaurant. The Landmark is designed to bring energy into the Central district, adding new premium office space as well as new retail and dining opportunities, and to reinforce the district’s position as the centre of Hong Kong. For more information please visit the below websites:


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