Perrault's ace design

Thursday 14 Jun 2007

Dominique Perrault designs a multi-function sports complex in the Manzanares River Park in Madrid.

The point was not to build a "building", but rather to put on stage an architecture (or architectures). The concepts of "garment" and "magic box" shelter the multi-function sport facilities. This wrap opens up and transforms itself following the different events happening within the sports complex, and also creates a changing and lively profile in the landscape. this vibrant and moving skin filters the sunlight and protects the sport pavilions like a light wall.Like a protective garment, the magic box is composed of various fabrics: filtering, reflective and opaque during daytime; twinkling during the night. mysterious and festive like the stage in a theatre.For the sports professionals the facilities include training, warming-up, reception of athletes and VIP, as well as the press and technical servicing. A sport complex for every day and facilities for important events. The public facilites can be accessed day and night by foot, bike or even roller blading. The direct relationships between the park and the surrounding city, along the streets, along the main axes composing the "great landscape" of the territory.

Key Facts:

Sport in architecture

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