Pace of urban life increases

Thursday 03 May 2007

New report shows that we are all walking faster

Conclusive proof has been found that the average city dweller is now walking an average 10% faster than they did in the early nineties. The biggest change has been found in China where rapid industrialisation has meant a huge growth in the number of people living in cities. Recent research has been conducted by the British Council where pedestrians in 109 countries were monitored walking; all the measurements were made on the same day and at the same time on a flat pavement over a length of 60ft. It has led to believe that a very fast pace of life is indicative of a stressful society and can prove unhealthy.

Below are the findings from the study:Fastest walkers:

1. Singapore
2. Copenhagen
3. Madrid
4. Guangzhou (China)
5. Dublin
6. Curitiba (Brazil)
7. Berlin
8. New York
9. Utrecht
10. Vienna

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