Great M-vironment for sale

Thursday 19 Apr 2007

Michael Jantzen designs, completes and puts the M House up for sale

Relocatable M-vironments are made of a wide variety of manipulatable components that can be connected in many different ways to a matrix of modular support frames. The frames can be assembled and disassembled in different ways to accommodate a wide range of changing needs. The M-house, which is made from the M-vironment system, consists of a series of rectangular panels that are attached with hinges to an open space frame grid of seven interlocking cubes. The platforms and the cube frames are supported by adjustable legs, which are attached to load bearing footpads. In many cases the support frames do not require a foundation, and they can be adjusted to accommodate terrain variations. All of the M-house components are interchangeable, and can be increased or decreased in numbers and size. The existing M-house panels are assembled with a steel structural frame that supports thin sheets of a concrete composite. The house can be designed to be self sufficient, powered by alternative energy sources such as the sun and the wind. The M-vironments were developed to accommodate a wide range of markets. With different sizes, shapes, materials, and panel types, the system can be used for exhibit structures, pavilions, play environments for kids, retail spaces, office modules, and many other commercial applications. The M-house is for sale and for details can be found on Michael Jantzen's website

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