Contemplating a good design

Wednesday 18 Apr 2007

Michael Jantzen designs the Contemplation Pavilion

The Contemplation Pavilion was designed to become a special place in and around which to contemplate the transformation of the known.Symbolically, the structure itself seems to be going through a transformation from a symmetrical rectangular box, to an unexpected organic form.This transformation is taking place as the box begins to peel away from its original shape, and becomes less and less solid, and less definableas a recognizable object. This transformation is frozen at a particular point so that the people who visit it, can be reminded of the ephemeralnature of the universe, and their place within it. Hopefully this realization will inspire the visitors to become more open to, and excited by,the dynamics of change. This is one of many public and or private pavilions that Jantzen has designed, which can be described as functionalart projects.Michael Jantzen would like to see this structure placed into a public park, or perhaps into a private garden. It would be made of precast lightweight colored concrete. For more information about Michael Jantzen's other project take a look on

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