The Times they are a-changin'

Thursday 12 Apr 2007

Exclusive images of the New York Times Building

Heralded as the most significant new building to be designed for the NYC skyline in decades, the New York Times Building designed by Renzo Piano and FXFOWLE will be the first high rise curtain wall with ceramic sunscreen to be built in the US. Ultra clear low iron glass will be draped in ceramic tubes to create a curtain wall that reflects light and changes color throughout the day. At the base, floor to ceiling glass will provide a view into the building to reveal a lobby designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The integration of exterior and interior architecture and nature and the built environment comes to its apex at the fully visible ground floor garden. Open to the sky, this garden of moss and birch trees will create a garden like none other. Adjacent to the garden, a 378-seat auditorium provide a significant amenity to the tenants of the building 856 feet in the sky. At its peak, the buildings curtain wall of ceramic will extend beyond the rood to finish the building in a lacelike crown of white.

Exclusive photographs taken for WAN by Wade Zimmerman

Key Facts:

Commercial Offices Urban design
United States

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