Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre

Tuesday 10 Apr 2007

Penoyre & Prasad's new Childrens Eye Hospital in London

The new centre makes a bridge between the outstanding clinical expertise of Moorfields Eye Hospital and the research prowess of the adjacent Institute of Ophthalmology to provide a world class children’s eye treatment facility.The arrangement of outpatients clinics, a day surgery unit, research facilities and short stay patient/parent hostel all within a very tight site has made the vertical connections between floors all important. On each floor light wells zig-zag up the building against the backdrop of a huge wall mural.Throughout, the design combines medical functionality with a rich, welcoming and easily navigable patient environment. The arresting exterior has a glass façade with a flowing pattern of aluminium solar control louvre blades - inspired by the idea of a wheeling flock of birds.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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