Alsop city design unveiled

04 Apr 2007

SMC Alsop set to unveil their new landmark design to the local community at a public exhibition.

The redevelopment scheme features a 43-storey tower and proposes to bring together a unique combination of land uses which, together with the size of the site and its context, creates a new building-type, fusing large scale art, sculpture and architecture. The building will include retail and bars, self-storage, business centre, fitness centre and hotel. Sustainability is incorporated in the building's design through the choice of on-site materials and the integration of an innovative natural ventilationsystem. The building tapers and twists to allow daylight penetration atstreet level. Articulated chimneys known as solar siphons wrap aroundthe building fabric giving the impression of slenderness and at the same time providing natural ventilation to the apartments. This dramatically reduces the overall carbon footprint.The scheme will be unveiled at a public exhibition this week and then submitted to the London Borough of Hackney for planning.

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