Full of hot air

Thursday 22 Mar 2007

Designed by award winning polish architect Magdalena Filcek - Balonodrom sets to achieve new heights.

'Balonodrom' combines a futuristic structural form withtraditional themes derived from man's first forays into the sky inballoons and airships. As the central feature of the building is aworking helium filled passenger carrying observation balloon, thefunction of the space doubles as a working hotel environment as well asa meteorologically secure 'port' for the balloon when at rest. Designedto be aesthetically imposing, without being overtly intrusive in theenvironment, the proposed extensive use of steel and glass to create alight and airy ambiance combined with an almost feminine elegance ofcurvature juxtaposed with rigid girder construction, make for aninnovative and highly appealing structure.The concept is unique and would be the first in the world as a hightechnology hotel built around a port for a restrained passenger carryingballoon capable of carrying up to 30 passengers to a height over 150metres, returning to the central atrium each time.

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