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Thursday 15 Feb 2007

Chipperfield Architects' cultural and congress centre wins competition

The Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG cultural and congress centre will include a concert and event hall, a chamber music hall and congress hall and a seminar centre. Additionally, a museum with an attached spacious sculpture garden and a library are planned. The new centre will also provide an open space as a meeting venue for the firm, and a venue for cultural and social events for Künzelsau’s city and its population.The plan suggests a large-scale base, building out onto a new plateau formed from the highest point of the landscape. The site will address the large scale of the landscape, which extends over the Hohenloher plateau towards the Waldenburger mountains.The new surface will form a base line with features above and below – above, the sculpture collection and below, the various uses of the cultural and congress centre, dug into the plateau and opened up from above. Both halls will be developed as theatre courtyards from the plateau level downwards. As the only built element to rise above the plateau, a circular glazed structure-free building will stretch over both halls. From there one will be able to explore the entire length of the terrace surface, viewing the sculpture park, set against the relationship between the sky and the horizon.

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