Chile house make over

01 Feb 2007

Bernstein & Klotz enlargement and make-over of a house built in 1965

This building was a family house until 2002. The idea was to enlarge the house so that the house and the studio were in the same place. The sitting room and dining were originally used as an office so to enlarge the house a second floor was needed. The eventual outcome transformed the profile of the house and underground studio was also built.In order to do this and respect the city’s regulations for the neighbourhood, the kitchen had to be demolished, and all service areas, including the patio. These programs were momentarily relocated in other places of the house, which kept the performance of a family house and a studio. A basement was built between the two property walls. It is a project that virtually “disappears”. Its essence is the respect for the pre-existence so it would seem it has always been there, without falling in the picturesque nor the rough imitation of the past, but facing the new work with special emphasis on discretion and low-profile.

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