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Wednesday 31 Jan 2007

Denton Corker Marshall’s first tower in Brisbane is open for business

Brisbane can now lay claim to a signature office tower designed by Melbourne-based architects Denton Corker Marshall: Brisbane Square, a brand new 37 storey tower and podium, boasting 65,000sq m of office space has officially opened. Designed to be an important social and cultural hub for the city, the ground plane is dedicated to the public domain. The tower sits six storeys above the ground, opening the street level to public use and open space. Four low-rise sticks housing mainly the council’s library, customer service centre and other office space, provide slashes of colour floating over the urban plaza. At ground level, retail and food amenities service the public domain. There are two distinct sections to the tower: the top ten levels for use by Suncorp Metway, while a perforated sunscreen over the glass façade demarcates the offices of the city council. The sunscreen illustrates the council’s commitment to Environmentally Sensitive Design (ESD) principles and provides a distinct identity for the council. The three spider-braced columns that support the cantilevered offices at the top of the tower are a unique feature of the design. The elegant slender columns appear almost too delicate to support the cantilever, however they have a significant structural role and create a spectacular shadow display on the core wall.

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