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Friday 26 Jan 2007

Foster & U2's Bono partner Irish hotel project

Dublin's Clarence Hotel is an upscale establishment that is about toundergo a 21st century renovation. The Clarence is being redeveloped bythe project's owners, U2's Bono and the Edge, to be one of the "mostspectacular hotels in Europe". The project, which is being designed byFoster and Partners, is estimated to cost 150 million euros. The newhotel will have 114 rooms, 14 suites and a world-class spa. Andy Bow, a senior partner at Foster's practice described the hotel inthe Irish Times as being organised around a "skycatcher atrium" thatwould rise from the basement level to the roof. A reflective canopy isto cover the structure. Norman Foster described the Clarence in the Irish press as "an ambitiousproject" that will create "a bold new addition to Dublin's skyline.

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