A new Georgian house

Friday 22 Dec 2006

A new 3-storey house sits at the end of a tall Georgian terrace in Hackney. It comprises of a sunken ground floor that is made of white bricks and two timber floors above, which are cantilevered over this 'garden wall' below. In the sunken garden you can only see the sky. The inside and outside spaces feel like 'garden rooms', connected to each other as you move from cooking to eating as the sun tracks across the site throughout the day and year. Ascending to the grand upper floor you pass through a double height landing that is lined, like a cigar box, in paper thin oak panels. They step back as you brush past, revealing the oak frame to be as thick and as deep as a torso, spaced as far apart as your shoulders. White plaster walls pace out the upper room, and in the corner, as the stair unwinds, the rear-facing white glass walls glow in the evening sunlight. Drawn towards the balcony, you see out across neighbouring gardens and the horizon is visible at last. Stepping out to take in the view, you feel part of the drama of the city.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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